Our philosophy To each vintage, its unique score

The vinification of our plots.
The vinification depends on the plots of land:
1 plot = 1 wine
That is why all the stages in the production of our wines are carried out by us at the Domaine.

Vineyards and the cellar Harvesting and pressing

For 4 generations, red grapes have been harvested manually to preserve the quality of the grapes.
We harvest some whites and rosés mechanically to optimise the harvest time.

We perform the partial destemming, just after the harvest and before pressing the grapes, depending on the maturity of the grapes and the stalk, that is the peduncle of the bunch.

The goal is to remove as many plants as possible to limit the taste of the wine.

A age-old tradition Vinification in vats

In the cellar, we carry out a natural vinification with no added sulphites, using the traditional method. Without disowning the age-old traditions, the estate is equipped with a very modern installation (stainless steel vats, barrels or tuns, temperature control system) which ensures a typically Beaujolais vinification with whole bunches (semi-carbonic maceration) and a storage under permanent monitoring.
Philosophy vinification - Maturation in vats Enlarge
Philosophy vinification - Maturation in vats

From the vines to the cellar The maturation of our wine

Maturation is carried out in vats, barrels or casks to show the typicality of each wine.

After strict quality controls, bottling is carried out by us in connection with the lunar calendar (biodynamic) and in the best conditions to ensure good conservation, of the wine, while respecting its values.