Domaine Ruet Beaujolais Rosé Nouveau

HEV High Environmental Value
In conversion to organic


Beaujolais nouveau is very fresh, red fruit, round tannin, elegant and fine.

Food and wine pairings:

Beaujolais nouveau goes well with a number of dishes including delicatessen meat, poultry, fish and cheese. (pizzas, delicatessen, cheese…) Its friendly wine.


Traditional Beaujolais, semi carbonic.
Designation of origin Beaujolais
Variety Rosé
Area 1 ha
Vineyard management 50 years old
Plantation density 10 000 vines/ha
Soil type Clayey
Grape variety Gamay noir à jus blanc
Average yield 50 hL/ha
Harvest Manual
Maturation Stainless steel vat